Adrian Xavier BIO

 A Seattle native, Adrian Xavier has been a fixture in the Pacific Northwest music scene for over a decade; headlining and performing at festivals like Seattle Hempfest, Bumbershoot and the Conscious Culture Festival; plus performing and sharing the bill with a wide range of other artists, such as the Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, Sean Paul, Michael Franti & Spear Head, Katy Perry, Sly & Robbie, Israel Vibrations, Eek-A-Mouse, the Itals, Culture, Kanye West, Naz, Public Enemy and more
Adrian's music attempts to cross social and cultural barriers, while giving his fans steady grooves to dance to, including elements of world fusion, folk, soul, dub, jazz, rock and hip-hop. With the 2004 release of the debut album R-Nature Adrian received international acclaim for his break out songs "Mother Nature", "R-Love R-
Creation" and “Redemption Road.”

Raised by a single mother who is a human rights activist, Adrian was exposed at an early age to the world’s struggles for freedom and the fight for a healthy environment. Adrian committed himself early in life to be a voice for the voiceless through his music, and performs extensively for events that benefit: the health of the environment; the struggles of indigenous peoples; and the funding of youth organizations and community projects. Description: touring and performing extensively at festivals, colleges and music clubs, Adrian’s message has reached a broad demographic spanning a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

R Nature album cover early version.

Just like the birds fly, may you and I, we've always got to try, don't let life slip by!

We live in one of the most critical times in human history, faced with global warming, atomic pollution and mass extinctions, the opportunities to find solutions to all of these things has never been so urgently advanced and thought about. I use music to inspire solution, striving to empower everyone to find ways to be a part of creating a healthier world for the future generations. The time has come to end the needless destruction and the corruption that seems to plague the world. I truly believe that humanity has the ability to make the changes we need on the Earth, finding a more respectful and thoughtful way of living. I believe music is among the important tools we need to help us make a better world for all life.