April 6th 2011 a Wisdom Story of King Solomon 

An old tale retold by Adrian Xavier

Benaiah one of King Solomon's greatest warrior's and servants was able to complete every task put before him by the great King. One day he was caught bragging about how he was able to complete any thing asked of him by the King. Solomon over heard him boasting and thought he ought to teach him a lesson, he came up with an impossible task. King Solomon had Benaiah brought before him, what is your bidding my King. I want you to find me a magic ring that makes a happy person feel sad and a sad person feel happy, you have 1 year to complete the mission, said King Solomon. Benaiah told the King he would not fail, he then set out looking for the ring. Benaiah searched markets all over, asking merchants and traders in all directions, he spent months going to temples and shrines praying for guidance, everywhere he went no one knew of the ring. Finally Benaiah thought it to be an impossible task, it was almost a year now and he'd expended every effort trying to find the treasure. As he was heading back to tell King Solomon he was not able to find the ring, he saw a boy on the side of the road bending some gold wire. Have you ever heard of a magic ring that can make a sad person happy or make a happy person sad? No never have, said the boy. Benaiah was not surprised and turned to get back on his horse when a man who'd over heard is question spoke out, I know of this magic ring. Benaiah was thrilled at this news. The man took out a simple gold ring and wrote an inscription on the ring, then handed it to Benaiah, after Benaiah read the inscription happiness washed over his heart, he knew he'd found what he'd been searching for. After paying the merchant he raced to give the ring to the King, When Benaiah arrived at the kingdom. King Solomon was having a splendid time in the palace at a great festival with exotic foods, music and dancers. When Solomon saw Benaiah, he thought he should tell him about the lesson and the impossible mission he'd sent him on, but before he could say a word Benaiah presented him with the ring. King Solomon took the ring in his hand, on the ring he read "This too shall pass" instantly a great sadness befell him. He then reached out to Benaiah begging forgiveness for doubting him.

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