Happy Earth Day 2011! Earth Month & Earth Year!! 

This Earth Day Month has been very wonderful and blessed with great shows and chance meetings. 
I just returned from a great trip to Chico California, I performed 2 solo acoustic shows there on April 16th, the first one was at Chico State University's 2011 Eco Fest and then I performed at a nice community venue called 
Cafe Culture, both shows where wonderful concerts and well received. On my stop over at the San Francisco International airport my plane was running late and I started to get a little concerned that I'd be late for my performance at Eco Fest, I'd just put a post on Facebook with my phone about feeling Butterflies & my late plane when out of the blue walks up Julia Butterfly Hill, one of my favorite environmentalists, famous for her 2 year long tree sit in a redwood, we hadn't seen each-other in many years and were surprised and glad to have randomly/divinely reconnected, we hugged and chatted for a few minutes, then she got on her plane to Vancouver Canada that was leaving from the gate next to mine. I got to Eco fest with plenty of time to spare and had a great story to share about my magic meeting at the airport.

Check this concert from 2002 almost 10 years ago, can't believe how time moves.

More Earth Love to come... 

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