The Conscious Culture Festival 2015

I've been performing at the Conscious Culture Festival every year and look forward to the best one yet in 2015. The Conscious Culture Festival provides a very unique opportunity to gather with family and friends far from the hustle of the city. it's a place where children run free in the day with no worries, people rise with the sun and music plays late into the night. The festival still has a very low key down to earth energy that is truly hard to find in the world of festivals.

Founder Blue Jay Hankins called on me from the very beginning to help with the vision of this amazing multi cultural event. Spending countless hours working out details the first years of CCF, it's truly amazing to see how far we've come with that original vision.

The CCF is a 5 hour drive from Seattle, Up in the Okanogan Highlands, on the land of the annual Okanogan Barter Faire. Fully support and produced in partnership with the community that has held the Barter Faire together for over 40 years now. check out the website to learn more about this one of a kind grass roots gathering:  

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